DMG MORI DMF 300|8 Traveling column machine


The DMG MORI DMF 300|8 is a travelling column machine of next generation for 5-axis simultaneous machining


Maximum Flexibility

  • Comprehensive modular construction kit enables the right solution for your request
  • 4-axes or 5-axes machining with  B-axis and integrated NC table
  • Mill-Turn Technology for machining of highly complex geometrics on one machine (optional

Constant rigidity enables a high chip volume and a maximum productivity

  • New basic construction with constant overhang in the whole working area
  • 3 linear guide ways in X-axis and single piece machine bed made of cast iron
  • Spindles from 15,000 to 20,000 rpm and up to 200 Nm

    High accuracy and best surface quality of the machined workpieces

    • Very high thermal longterm accuracy based on comprehensive cooling measures
    • Direct drives in Y- and Z-axis
    • Dynamic package with linear drive in X-axis (optional)

      Maximum productivity for your shopfloor

      • Unique tool change ouside of the working area
      • Tool magazine with up to 90 pockets and a tool length of up to 400 mm
      • Variety of machine tables - perfect for all requirements
      • Avoidance of idle times based on the optional partition wall (optional)
      • Increase of productivity based on DMG MORI Technology Cycles, e.g. angularTOOL

      Technical specifications:
      Max. X-Axis
      Max. Y-Axis
      Max. Z-Axis
      Max. workpiece length
      Max. workpiece width
      Max. workpiece diameter
      Max. workpiece height
      Max. workpiece weight
      3.000 mm
      800 mm
      850 mm
      3.300 mm
      850 mm
      1.050 mm
      900 mm
      3.00 kg