Company profile

We deliver Swiss quality at lower prices.  

Technical Parts AG is a Swiss company with branches in Hungary and Asia. We employ us since 1995 with cost-effective manufacturing possibilities. Within During this time, the cost pressure has increased steadily. Goods and services must always cheaper to buy. We face this challenge Every day. Through constant further development in our factories and at ours Today we offer you a wide variety of suppliers Production possibilities at extremely competitive prices.

We will help you quickly and to reduce your procurement costs without risk.

  • 7 highly motivated employees
  • Lean organization with flexible and short Decision making
  • Fast response times as the short decision paths
  • Close cooperation with customers and suppliers
  • Own staff for quality assurance on site
  • Long-term cooperation with 30 production sites in Hungary, including 300 own employees in 12 delivery plants
  • Suppliers certified according to ISO 9001
  • Well-known reference customers from many industries

Why not source directly?

A large number of the direct sourcing projects of SMEs fails sooner or later. One of the main reasons for this is that Massively underestimated effort for management and supplier support. Alone the identification and qualification of the suppliers is with considerable Time expenditure connected. In addition, it is important for the success of the undertaking to familiarize oneself with the mentality of the people and accordingly to act. All in all, the effort is for small and medium-sized businesses profitable only in the rarest of cases.

TEC Technical Parts offers a sensible alternative here AG. We have had a very well-functioning network of over the past 15 years built around 30 production sites in Eastern Europe and supply well-known customers in Switzerland, Germany and Austria according to our principle “Swiss Quality at lower prices ”. Thanks to our many years of experience, lean structures and the existing network, we are able to take part to implement the tasks assigned to us quickly and efficiently. We see ourselves as active part of our customers' supply chain.


Our customers include well-known companies from Switzerland, Germany and Austria. At your request, we will be happy to provide you with a reference list