Special mechanical engineering

Tunnel portal milling machine

Together with one of our customers, we were able to realize the project for a tunnel portal milling machine.

For the entire project (from the first drawing to the final delivery) 6 weeks were estimated.

In close cooperation with the construction department, we succeeded in realizing the project in record time. This although we had to overcome some hurdles (e.g. travel restrictions) due to the current situation (COVID-19). This was made possible by the close and perfect cooperation with our partners in Hungary.

The mechanical processing of the parts was carried out on our KAFO B / BMC-4116 machining center. Since the machine will be in alkaline environment is in constant use, our attention was given especially surface treatment. We were able to solve this ideally with a multi-stage coating (sandblasting, hot-dip galvanizing, priming and topcoating).

The Final assembly took place at our customer in Switzerland. Due to the Compliance with all drawing specifications could be the end date for the Delivery of the machine on time.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the trust you have placed in us.

SMB_01_01JPG  SMB_01_02-280x180JPG  SMB_01_08 -280x180JPG  SMB_01_03 -280x180JPGSMB_01_05 -280x180JPG  SMB_01_03 -280x180JPG  SMB_01_04 -280x180JPG  SMB_01_06 -280x180JPG

SMB_02_01-200x400JPG  SMB_02_02-220x400JPG  SMB_02_03-290x400JPG  SMB_02_04-200x400JPG  SMB_02_05-290x400JPG

SMB_02_09-290x400JPG  SMB_02_06-290x400JPG  SMB_02_08-290x400JPG  SMB_02_10-290x400JPG  SMB_02_11-290x400JPG

SMB_03_01-400x300JPG  SMB_03_02-400x300JPG  SMB_03_03-400x300JPG